Thursday, 25 July 2013

Summer riding.

First weekend of my holiday, vintage rally, working on bikes, party and swimming…..And the best weather for years……What more can a man want?

At the test ride, we discovered that the Ariel needed a new front brake cable to be made.

The Dakota DC 3 from the local airport does some flyovers at my house and makes a sound that suits working on old bikes.
Well I have holiday so I decided to look sharp…..Who knows, there might be some nice girls at the rally……

I was told by a friend that I looked like an accountant from Stockton up on Trent who has embezzled funds to get a Sunbeam.......... So much for my effort to dress up……

The boys are lining up.

Christian “Slooper” Nielsen is very cheerful today.

“You just keep the throttle wide open until you get to the tight right hander after the hill…..”

Reidar don`t miss a chance to use his leather hosen….I do think he shall use them more.

Per Braaten`s tricky Gold Star.


Well, it`s off with the tweed and leather and time for a swim…….and a cold beer…..

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

It`s time for some green laning.

Last night I wanted to go riding on some gravel roads. The Ariel has not been used for a long time….in fact more than a year. I remember there were some things I had to fix before going…

It always starts at first kick…

The speedo does not work….

Yes, I lost the tool box knob (and all my tools…) and replaced it with a screw. I am sure I have another somewhere….

Check the oil…..


Duct taped light switch need some work…..

No lights…loose and broken cables.
 Some hours of repair is needed. I will do that ride another day….

Friday, 5 July 2013

Norton test riding.

I was testing my Brothers 1939 Norton ES2 last night.

A fast and well sorted bike.