Tuesday, 29 June 2010


I got this DVD from Wheels Through Time Museum some time ago. They are trying to do the same as Fred Ham did in 1937, ride a Harley Davidson Knuckle Head flat out for 24 hours!

Left is the modern Knuckle rider, Wayne "Ironman" Stanfield. The rider on the right is Fred Ham.

I got so inspired by the story that i painted and lined a Knuckle tank like the 24 hours bikes. Just in time for my brothers birth day.....Makes a nice wall piece in the work shop.

Monday, 21 June 2010

Fork off

This 1917 Harley Davidson have been like a family member for decades. My brother even kept it in his bedroom for some years......Maybe it was a cunning way to lure the girls in to his room?  "want to come upstairs to have a look at my bike ?"  
 It has always lived in our town and was in traffic until 1936, when the bike was dismantled and carried up on a loft. The Harley stayed there until the eighties. A friend of us had heard some rumors and bought it from the owners. The bike was marked by a hard life, so it took a few years of evenings and weekends to get it restored. When the HD was nearly finished, he wanted a bike that was usable. So a long story short: a swap was done and the bike ended up in my brothers bedroom.

Look at the rear tube of the front fork......bend...When the bike was put back together, he believed that the forks was supposed to be like this.

The forks are off and sent to a blacksmith to get straitened.

When you have a puncture, you usually have a flat at the down side......

The tires that came with the bike was softened in a chemical bath and reused. They have turned in to rock now. It will take the hole summer to get them off the rims.

Friday, 18 June 2010

Work bench statements.

Our old work bench from my parents cellar. We butchered an old shop bench from the twenties......We did that for more than thirty years ago. This was before furniture like this become fashion.... I don`t think i would do it today.

Stickers are importent..

Thursday, 10 June 2010

An offer I can`t refuce.....

Last year we went to the Swedish vintage rally "Skåne rundt". Had plans to do it this year as well with the Ariel and Norton. The Ok Supreme takes more time than i thought to get ready. It was a disappointment when i got the rally invitation and they had changed the rules: All the bikes have to be pre 1940....
But help is at hand, i was offered to borrow this nice 1939 Ok Supreme:

Gold petrol tank. No need to pimp my ride....
Total loss oil system and a decomp plate underneath the cylinder.....Racing?

Monday, 7 June 2010

More Viking run & fun.

Here are some more photos from Kala Raceway.

Plans are maid...... I don`t know if it is the race ore the evenings menu that`s being discussed. My Tribsa in front.

A mix of different years of Harley......Just perfect.
The bike have seen some action this winter, still has the spikes in the tires to prove it. Had some technical problems during the race.

These boys sure look like they are having fun.

New tires, still "hairy". They are taking this searlisly..
There are some go faster goodies in this engine,

Always wise to use protection. Indian way.

Well.....can you guess who won....

Viking Run # 4, Kala raceway

What a day!!! Fine weather, nice people and good racing!

This is early morning before the race. I think I have traveled back to the `50`s.

Ronald what are you doing? Lost your contact lenses? Praying to the Good of speed? Adjusting the clutch?

Can this be a early beach race at Daytona? The Harley boys (and a girl) are gathering for a group hug. Well boys, you just have to twist that throttle harder

Thursday, 3 June 2010

Viking Run & Fun #4

This weekend!

Guess who's going.....Have to replace #5 with #1!!!