Tuesday, 30 March 2010

They are still out there!

Sometime at work we get in orders that are extremely urgent. Yesterday we had to get parts made and machined for a generator. To get them delivered fast enough I had to drive them out myself.

Just when I had delivered the spares I got a phone call: “Have you seen the bike adverted today? I think it`s a Triumph”. I had not and was a long way from home. But surprise, I was only 10 minutes away from the bike. So I went off to the seller. Best thing you can do, look at bikes when you are paid for it. This is the bike, covered in dust and chicken shit:

The engine is a side valve Triumph, 5S or 6S, from late `30 is. The bike parts? I think it is a Tornax, once fitted with a JAP engine.

Friday, 26 March 2010

The average sidecar chauffeur?

I was planning to send you all a nice Easter greeting and an update on the bikes. But you have to settle for this diabolic rider. Might be my friend at  http://americanmotorcyclesnorway.blogspot.com/ . I have seen him with a sidecar outfit from time to time.....

Monday, 22 March 2010

Brookelands 1924

Montgomery-Anzani record breaking machine. Ridden by Claude Temple to two world records in the five lap 1000cc race at Brooklands. He had an average speed of 105.52 mph, the highest speed recorded to that date at Brookelands.

The engine is a single overhead camshaft British Anzani, 996 cc, vee twin. The designer of the engine, Hubert Hagens, is standing behind the bike.

The forks looks like Harley Davidson equipped with a scissor damper.

Claude Temple looks like a tuff man, even with a tie and white sweater…. He`s boot are well oiled from the engine.

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Norton gear box

You don`t need a kick starter when you have a wife.  Bump starting single cylinder bikes are better than going to the gym.....I have sorted out some spares for the racing Inter gearbox. I just have to get it done....

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Year of the Tiger 110.

Belive it ore not: it`s nearly spring. I have to focus and get this bike done.

I have overhauled the engine and gearbox. The valves are set and ignition timed......ready to roar in the back of my station wagon. The rest of the bike are at my brothers place.

Yes, this is today.......snow. That`s why I have the long face...

Engine and box in the frame. The bike we use for a paper holder is a `47 UL Harley Davidson.

Engine: 1954 Tiger 110, E3134 cams, Hunt magneto and some Webco goodies. Standard ratio gearbox. Frame T100C, with the rear set lugs.

Friday, 5 March 2010

New Jap V twin engines.

A new JAP V twin engine......I think I can find use for a few somewhere.

There are different options of heads and ignitions.

Engines and spares manufactured to order: http://www.japprestwich.com/

I think I can spot some oil on his thumb, trustworthy on a engine manufacturer.

A modern Brough Superior?

A BSA with a single JAP engine. Supermotard by the looks of the tires.

Throw out the HD engine and install a 95 bhp JAP instead.

This Featherbead/JAP will wake up the nigbors all ower town.

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

New Norton Commando 961 SE.

They look great, I would not mind a test ride.

Does it sounds like a classic Norton?

Brembo 320mm discs provide the stopping.

Modern Øhlin forks.

The power plant provides 80 bhp @ 5200 rpm.

The riders point of view.

The price? In UK they cost £13495.-

Well, where do I sign up?

The Scarlet Peril sprinter.

Displayed at Ally Pally.

A sprinter/dragster from 1961. Triumph 650.

A close shave on the head. No fins left!

Alexandra Palace motorcycle & custom show.

Just been in London at the Ally Pally motorcycle show. Will post some pics of the bikes and things i found interesting in the next days.

A jet dragster. Just the way I felt after a full English breakfast.
A Rudge Multi from the "teens", there was something for everybody.

MZ two stroke road racer. Probably not the first choice of mount for the average club racer.

The AJS & Matchless owners club had a large club stand with a lot of nice bikes.

Matchless war hero.

I think I have to get an AJS/Matchless, they cook, wash and keep you warm in bed.....

Johnny Cash tribute bike.....Black for the Man in black...

Must be her first riding lesion. Will probably take some learning before she gets her driving licence.

After watching "Heart beat" on telly, it was nice to see some proper English police.

There are no motorcycle show without exhaust systems on display.....

Well, the Gold Star used to be a BSA.....I bet the sweets are nice!