Tuesday, 30 April 2013

The king of cool….

Have you noticed the adverts for Barbour in the magazines?  They use a photo of Steve McQueen on a Triumph Trophy from the 1964 ISDT. Can you see something wrong?
At work I have a poster of Steve McQueen on the wall….

The Barbour version dos not smoke…..That’s probably political correct for 2013. But motorcycling is not healthy either, and combusting engines are bad for the environment…..What about all the photos of Winston Churchill with a cigar?
 If the historic photos do not suit your adverts profile it is ok to change them?

Monday, 29 April 2013

The Vintage Revival at Montlhéry, France, 2013. # 3

I was presented with two bottles of wine from Laurent`s   (http://twist-grip.blogspot.no/ ) home town.

When he comes to visit Norway, I will give him a bottle of spirit that you can run your JAP speedway bike on….

My brother Dag is posing behind an Excelsior racer…..trying hard to look like he has owned it since new…

“Shit…..I hope the rider comes back soon…..I really need to go to the toilet…..”

Do you know how many persons you can get into a low budget hotel room?……We are sampling Laurent’s wine with some cheese. I can assure you that it was very nice.

Royal Enfield made bikes “like a gun”. This bike was made like a aeroplane…….

This rear end virtually says: “keep your distance!”

The Parisian girls were quite a hand full. They would not take a no for a no. She tried to get her wicked ways with Gunnar. But I can assure Gunnar’s wife that it was only friendly nibbling on the ear….I think that’s quite acceptable when you are lonely and a long way from home….

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

The Vintage Revival at Montlhéry, France, 2013. # 2

Some more photos of motoring’s la belle époque.

I now understand the meaning of a boat tail car.

The pilots view of a Harley Davidson Twin Cam.

Some riders really went fast.


When you do offerings to the God of speed, you have to take a ride back to base on the unglamorous chariot.

Old MacDonald had a farm……but he also had a couple of racing cars. The scary goat keeps felons away.

The Bonniksen Isochronous Speedometer, one of my favourite instruments. I think I need a bike with one attached.

McEvoy`s in glorious spring weather.

A well-deserved power nap before the next laps.

Jimmy Nail had a song called Crocodile Shoes……….And yes, I do think this is the actual pair….


Chanel No5 meets Castrol R40. You just have to love it!

The Vintage Revival at Montlhéry, France, 2013. # 1

When you walk up to the hill where the autodrome is located you find yourself transferred back in time…
I will be posting some photos to share this fantastic weekend.


My good friend Laurent is photographing a McEvoy for the Twist Grip blog.

Here we have even more writers of the WWW. Paul d` Orleans (The vintagent), George Cohen (Norton singles) and Vincent Prat (South siders). I think they discuss the next step for George`s bike builds…Long forks, coffin tank and king &queen seat…hence he`s moving to twin cylinder machines….

Probably Nancy Sinatra’s old pair of boots…

Out for lunch…croissants on his mind….


Not the French resistance, but my Norwegian travel comrades.….Enjoying a Manx Norton.

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Last of the dinosaurs….

This Norton Big four I just had to get last year. The aim was to get it ready this spring…….It was snowing yesterday so I still have time to do that….

The Big four was a restoration project that had stopped. Lots of work and money had been spent. I have painted and sorted out the forks to be able to move it to my workshop for the final assembly.

The side valve power plant is waiting to roar again….

Welcome home, boy. It`s not much space but cosy. And I think you will like the rest of the family.