Monday, 8 June 2015

A wet day at Kala raceway.

I have been looking forward to this for a long time. As usual more time has been spent in the workshop than I have expected. At the other hand maybe my wife likes oily and sweaty men?
The weather forecast on Friday was not that bad….

Well, the weather men are like FIFA….Not to be trusted.  So we had to wait until the worst rain had stopped and the pikes had left the track.

 I had some time to check out the bikes of my competitors……and it looks like there is a serious engine in this one….
So I decided to play safe and use the Tribsa to get some fast laps….

My bike pushers and handy men are relaxing and trying to spot suitable girls….

Don`t mess with men that uses a Dodge weapons carrier to start their bike….

Oh yea…..The BSA boys are ready to rumble……

At a time I thought that it was game over…..The exhaust pipe broke clean off in the weld, close to the cylinder head….Some steel wire made a good temporary fix.

And yes…..Those two shady looking blokes behind the bike are my body guards….

 We got the chance to ride a few practice laps….So it`s Goldie time….

“Attention! ….Will all turn their heads to the left”

Electrical problems stopped me just after half a lap….But the Goldie had a lot of power when it ran.  Let`s just say like the Terminator: I`ll be back.

Have you ever wondered how the view from the infield of a race track looks like?

 The final…..Serious business…This can turn both ways, who will lady luck ride with today?

 I do believe that Lady Luck has a thing for bearded men….

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Testing the Beezer.

The Viking Run & Fun is this Saturday. So it is time for the big test. Will the beast build by yours truly go like a bat out of hell? 

Neighbors and innocent people that got into harm’s way were not impressed by the sound of a goldi with unmuffled megaphone...

What’s the verdict of the test run?  Do we know how a bat out of hell sounds like? It might sound like a goldi blowing the head gasket……

So the BSA has been recalled by the workshop. It`s a team of engineers trying to solve the problem just now. Luckily it is still under warranty….The problem might be that the person in the assembly line had been drinking stout that day….We might never now.

Now I know how Toyota felt when they recalled 6.39 million vehicles worldwide last year….

Hopefully the BSA will be ready Saturday……There is also a plan B…..The TriBSA…I just have to change the magneto first.

I got all the time in the world.