Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Skåne Rundt 2010

Back from a great weekend in the south of Sweden. The "Skåne rundt rally" are a well organized rally with a unique atmosphere. We are already looking forward to next year.

The bikes are lined up before start in front of Örenäs castle. I don`t think the gardener are happy for the SAE 50 fertilizer.
A group of Nimbus "chimney pipes" . They are from 1923 and 24.

In line four cylinder 746 cc.

First stop at Saxtorp.

At first glance this  can be at a ultra kinky men's club. The Village People played loud, pink cocktails in the bar.....But i can assure you that that are not so. We have reaced Saturdays goal: Åhus Strandbad. The bikes where parked and guarded in the pool area.The riders had a  refreshing swim after a long ride.

550 kilometer on this.......! Some deserves a medal.
Moto Rève Model C. Made in 1912. 275cc

A stop with coffee brake can get crowded. Can be hard for the locals to get to church in time.

Will post more photos later.

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Save privat Ryan....nearly...

Looks like we have a Harley Davidson man down.......Usually the town park are quite safe, and I did not hear incoming fire. I probably went so fast with my Norton 16H that I found my self in a "Back to the future" situation....Vintage rallies can sure be exciting events...


No case for alarm, he is smoking and filling the punctured rear tire with "gunk". Can be hard enough on a Sunday morning I guess....

I did not show up unprepared...Side bags filled with stuff to last a few days of siege.

I ended up with the best in show prize, first time awarded to a motorcycle rider.

Usually when I ride the 16H in full WWII trim, people look at me like I have jumped the fence at the special ward...

Skåne Rundt 2010

We are going to Sweden on Friday:  Skåne Rundt rally, http://www.mchksyd.com/index.html.

So carbs and ignition have to be tuned, new inner tubes and chains.........

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Riding with the vintage boys.

Warm sunny Saturday spent riding with the Vintage Club.

Some of the bikes lined up in front of a submarine at the Marine museum, Horten.

A mix of English, American, German, East German and Russian bikes showed up.

Sunday, 1 August 2010

Hillclimb at Devil`s Peak.

Had a lay back afternoon watching the Hill climb at the Old Style Weekend in Uddevalla, Sweden. Just some random photos from the racing. The event and vehicles will surely be properly presented on various webb pages, magazines and blogs.