Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Skåne Rundt 2010

Back from a great weekend in the south of Sweden. The "Skåne rundt rally" are a well organized rally with a unique atmosphere. We are already looking forward to next year.

The bikes are lined up before start in front of Örenäs castle. I don`t think the gardener are happy for the SAE 50 fertilizer.
A group of Nimbus "chimney pipes" . They are from 1923 and 24.

In line four cylinder 746 cc.

First stop at Saxtorp.

At first glance this  can be at a ultra kinky men's club. The Village People played loud, pink cocktails in the bar.....But i can assure you that that are not so. We have reaced Saturdays goal: Åhus Strandbad. The bikes where parked and guarded in the pool area.The riders had a  refreshing swim after a long ride.

550 kilometer on this.......! Some deserves a medal.
Moto Rève Model C. Made in 1912. 275cc

A stop with coffee brake can get crowded. Can be hard for the locals to get to church in time.

Will post more photos later.


Anonymous said...

Best Norwegian friends!

We share your enthusiasm for Skåne Rundt.
It's like the famous beer commercial-
worth waiting for!
See you in Sweden next year.

Johan o Ingrid Husqvarna 1000cc 1933

American motorcycles said...

Ser kjempebra ut Stig, kanskje det blir tid neste år.