Thursday, 28 January 2010


There are probably a few of you that have quit smoking at new year.......Well here you have three reasons to start again.
When you are smoking you can do it in style. These ash trays are from the days before health warning, when smoking was safe and motorcycles dangerous.

Found at a auto jumble, Gardermoracet.Rådhes was the sole importer for Norton and Triumph in Sweden.

Can this ashtray be from the BSA board room? They were probably smoking something when they came up with this brilliant idea:
"Let`s stop producing Gold Stars and concentrate on a shitty engine that looks like an egg"

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Skåne rundt

It`s freezing her at the moment. So it`s time for doing something in the workshop. But I think it`s better to have a look at some motorcycle rally photos.

My brother Dag and I tried the Swedish "Skåne rundt" rally for the first time last August. The rally rout is circa 550 kilometers om public roads, over two days. You have to do that on a bike produced before 31. December 1945. There are four different classes dived by the age on the machine and one for passengers. You get a road book and have to find your way to the quizzes and timed sections. Your luggage for the night is brought to the hotel we all are staying in. Food, drinks and one night accommodation are included in the entry fee. I think this is the best organized rally i have been on. There are more than 50 officials along the route, and they have even a brake down service.The bikes are loaded on the trailer. Dag is securing the loading ramp with power tools. First boat to Sweden in the morning.The rally course, round the south of Sweden.The start is held in the garden of Örenäs castle. Fine weather and fine surroundings.The oldest bike starting: Peugeot 380cc from 1907A determined looking rider of a 1908 Wanderer 308cc, waiting to unleash the beast. I believe the man in the brown leathers must be the long lost cousin of the Red Baron.An American 500cc 1911 in traffic, not something you see every day. He has modified it slightly: disc front brake from a modern pedal bike.Dag`s Ariel Red Hunter from 1933 are ready to roll. Still a fast machine, will do "the ton" any day of the week. The power plant of a AJS "Big Port" from 1928. Fast and furious!

A Moto Reve parked at one of the control posts. I don`t know witch year. Looks unrestored, "oily rag condition".

This Dutch lady is riding a 1937 Indian Scout. If you ride a Indian, you must wear red boots. Been available in the Indian option lists from 1927.....

A flat tank Norton 16H from 1927. One of my favorite vintage bikes.

Adjustments for the last day of riding.

This was my first "proper" ride on the Norton. I had a lot of "sorting out " work the week before the rally. Had the cylinder of two times and rebuild the magneto (classic magneto condenser problems).
I did the rally in gear made before 1945. I wanted to try hove WW2 dispatch riders outfit was. It is cold, the helmet are heavy and the wool can hold a lot of water when its raining! I have a lot of respect for the riders of WW2.

When did you last see a swimming pool surrounded by vintage bikes? The guarded parking of Saturdays hotel. Bikes, swimming and a drink......You can`t find a better place in Ibiza.

A slightly "bobbed" Harley Davidson Knuckle head. The rally had a broad variety of bikes and riders.

The Norton have proof of being used. Rain on gravel roads are great for an old warrior

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Velocette dynamo

I have been working on my Velocette. But I can`t get the dynamo working. It`s a Lucas , not Miller on it. I think I know watt`s wrong now.......Take a look at number 4 in the Velocette guarantee sheet. I forgot the chicken...

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Stanley Woods

One of the racing heros of all times are Stanley Woods, born in 1903. He started racing on a Harley Davidson in 1921. He had his dèbut on the Isle of Man in 1922, finished in the junior TT (350cc) on a Cotton with brake problems. Returned in 1923 again on a Cotton and won. Stanley on a Velocette KTT.
During the 1920`s and 30`s he boasted 29 European Grand Prix wins and 10 Isle of Man TT wins.

Moto Guzzi with "bacon slicer" fly wheel.
Stanley raced Norton, Velocette, New Imperial, Husqvarna, DKW and Moto Guzzi.

Velocette KTT

Norton "cricket bat" CS1

Norton International

Well, how can a big time racing star have a connection to me? In the early eighties I went to the Isle of Man TT a few times. Stanley Woods where still doing a lap of honor to please his fans. But I never met him at the Isle.
I came across an advert where Stanley where doing a fund raising for the TT riders association. He was selling autographed photos of paintings from his heydays. So I phoned him up, had a chat, send him a cheque and the photos came by mail. Sometimes history can be very close.
Stanley Woods died in 1993.

Stanley with a wheel lift on the mighty Velocette KTT.

A Norton Inter for the wall.

The letter from Stanley.