Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Stanley Woods

One of the racing heros of all times are Stanley Woods, born in 1903. He started racing on a Harley Davidson in 1921. He had his dèbut on the Isle of Man in 1922, finished in the junior TT (350cc) on a Cotton with brake problems. Returned in 1923 again on a Cotton and won. Stanley on a Velocette KTT.
During the 1920`s and 30`s he boasted 29 European Grand Prix wins and 10 Isle of Man TT wins.

Moto Guzzi with "bacon slicer" fly wheel.
Stanley raced Norton, Velocette, New Imperial, Husqvarna, DKW and Moto Guzzi.

Velocette KTT

Norton "cricket bat" CS1

Norton International

Well, how can a big time racing star have a connection to me? In the early eighties I went to the Isle of Man TT a few times. Stanley Woods where still doing a lap of honor to please his fans. But I never met him at the Isle.
I came across an advert where Stanley where doing a fund raising for the TT riders association. He was selling autographed photos of paintings from his heydays. So I phoned him up, had a chat, send him a cheque and the photos came by mail. Sometimes history can be very close.
Stanley Woods died in 1993.

Stanley with a wheel lift on the mighty Velocette KTT.

A Norton Inter for the wall.

The letter from Stanley.

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