Monday, 16 March 2015

The Motosacoche in the barn.

As you saw at my previous post I organized the Norwegian vintage motorcycle club`s display at the two yearly motorcycle show near Oslo. Two years ago I did the same. We had a 30`s Motosacoche on display. That bike had special interest to a man and I started talking with him. It turned out that he had a much older Motosacoche. That was interesting, so we agreed that he would mail me some photos of the bike. The problem was that the bike where at the place he grew up….a few hours driving from where he lived.

After a while I got a mail that said that he would take some photos in the summer. Some months later I sent him a mail wondering about the bike, but I didn’t get a reply. So I forgot about the old Motosacoche.

Just before Christmas I was tiding in some papers and found a note I had written about the old bike. I phoned him up, and yes, he had the photos. There was a problem…..He had had a serious accident on his motorcycle. He had crashed with a moose and had spent a long time in hospital and recovery. That`s why he had not replied to my mail. The left arm was paralyzed so he was not able to scan photos or work on the computer. But he was happy to send photos in regular mail. Photos arrived and after a few phone calls we agreed to go and have a look at the bike……

On a cold and dark January day we set off to the meeting point, Elgstua in Elverum. Elgstua in English is “the Moose cabin”…..Thinking of the accident, maybe not the best place to meet?

After a while on a winding icy road we were there….

The bike had been resting in the barn since 1939…..76 years! 

Just like on “American pickers” happy sellers… and my brother Dag is playing Frank in this episode….And me? I guess I am playing Danielle….

After assembly and some oily rag treatment it was on display at the motorcycle show.

Started life in 1909.

Thank you Ueli for the scans and information.

We are missing the carburetor…..Do you happen to have one like this you don`t need. Send me a mail:

Thursday, 12 March 2015

The Motorcycle show.

Last weekend was very busy. I organized the Norwegian vintage motorcycle club`s display at the two yearly motorcycle show near Oslo. Here`s some photos of the display.

It is 150 km from me to the show…..So I better not forget anything.

Can it be……Yes, it`s Steve McQueen`s long lost second cousin….

It seems that café racers are the thing to have this year…

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

A cold day in Chopenhagen.

My son had a week off school so we went to Copenhagen on a family trip. There are never a trip in our family that not include a motorcycle related thing…… so suddenly we found ourselves inside the Motorious shop.

A nice mixture of bike bits, oils, “things you can`t live without” and clothing…..

Two of the exotic vehicles found in the neighborhood:

You are a long way from Graceland Memphis Tennessee, Mister……

Monday, 23 February 2015

Just in time...

I found this Smiths wall clock in a flea market in Copenhagen. It is perfect for my workshop.  I will never be late again…..

Thursday, 12 February 2015

The chariot of Fire.

Even her in Norway we have a sense of spring….So I need to get my sidecar ready.

A friend just told me that a motorcycle with a sidecar is the first step on the old man’s ladder….Next step will be to get an “everything on one floor” house.

The newly welded mudguard

Sanding large panels…..I will never start to restore a car..

Thursday, 18 December 2014

Glad Jul.

I found these photos on the Facebook……I liked them so much that I recycled them. It`s the time to wish you Glad Jul!

Mr. Olsen, on the first photo, and the Fjerdingen family on the second. They are from Stjørdal, Norway on a winter modified Motosacoche.

Friday, 12 December 2014


Some years ago I went to the Manx Grand Prix. As the good husband I am, I bought my wife a present: gold ear jewelry with the three legs of Mann. But surprise, me and my wife have different taste……The gift was left unused in her drawer….
But now I need some bling for a Norton, so late one night I reprocessed the gift…

This will most certainly make the bike go faster, and Isle of Mans motto: "Quocunque Jeceris Stabit" "Whithersoever you throw it, it will stand" will make sense when I go arse over tit ….

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

The Sunbeam will shine again…..

There is not much sunshine here in Norway during November, so it`s time for a Sunbeam update.

The valve caused a lot of damage to the valve seats and combustion chamber.

Luckily, I have skilled friends with the right tools.

New valve seats, valves, guides and springs…..Now it just need to be assembled…

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Hunting season...

It is Hunting season in Norway now….The perfect time to overhaul a Joe Hunt magneto. New bearings, oil seal, points and condenser. I don`t want to be a sitting duck in the spring…

Thursday, 9 October 2014

Trondhjemsridtet day 3 and 4.

“In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king”. But in the land of “tinkering with motorcycles” the man with most glasses rules.

Day three started with heavy rain. Rain and gravel roads make an unbeatable combination ……That’s why Odd has such a happy face….

This morning at a wet and cold gravel road the Sunbeam decided that enough is enough… with an expensive sound it went dead….I had to leave the bike to be picked up by the rally’s rescue team.

My worst experience of my life was when I had to ride pillion with this fierce looking man.

I was left alone at a check point waiting for at one of the rally’s service cars. So when one turned up I immediately applied for the post of First lackey, under doubt I was accepted…

The “beam” on the chariot of shame….

I spent the rest of the rally collecting road signs and tried to be useful….but I still had a good opportunity to enjoy the view of the bikes and scenery.

Bent, my commander in the car, is enjoying the view of Rondane.

Kurt and Sverre takes a toast for American made motorcycles.

Ready for the evening's festivities. One has cigars and the other rubber....

Start of the last day.

So…What happened to the Sunbeam….?