Tuesday, 31 May 2011


I am off to Denmark early tomorrow morning.  We are eight Norwegians going to participate in the famous “Skagenløpet”.  We are riding from the top of Denmark, a place called Skagen to the capitol København.
All the 211 bikes are made before 1934. Look out for the last entrance number on a 1933 Ariel Red Hunter 500 cc, me no 211.

Before you start to speculate…..No, the boy on the right in the sailor uniform is not me. The photo is from the finish of Skagenløpet 1915 and seen on the Harley Davidson are Christian Bohnstedt-Pedersen, believed to be the winner of the race.

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Gardermoen raceway - Memorial 2011

The best way to memorize history is to try to create an event in the spirit of the happening. It`s more than sixty years since the last “proper” Gardemo race. But this Saturday memorial brought back some of the sound and smells from yesteryears.

The car line up.  

The bike line up. 

Jaguar XK-C, 1953.

Well boys…..Up skirt photographing are not legal….

The ice racing tire got me worried, I have not seen the weather forecast.

 Ferrari Testarossa 1959.

Me, on a BSA Gold star DB32, 1954 and Henry on Matchless G50, 1956.

Ford Hot Rod.

Bugatti T-57 Ventoux, 1937


Bentley 3/8L Special 1930.

First time driven since restoration, a box fresh Maserati 6CM from 1937.

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Rudge 1928

Having a peek in Hans Torvald`s s garage:
This winter this Rudge came up for sale from an estate of a deceased person.  It was advertised as a 1934 bike but turned out to be a 1928 model, 500cc.

The bike has been restored, but a lot of things have to be done again and checked over. There is nobody to ask what’s been done….

A big ML magneto is installed.


Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Sign of the times?

Again, somebody has put up something at my work shop door; last time was just before Christmas. The previous sign had the Triumph underwear logo and this has the “new” Hinckley Triumph logo.

So I think they must do it again…..to get it right….

I have not figured out witch Triumph the tool is meant for…..

Monday, 16 May 2011

JAP engines in a hostile environment…..

I don`t usually follow men into the toilet…….But I got invited to see a paper roll holder that I would like….

I think my friend tried to shook me…..He knew that I was going to visit him. I don`t believe that this is the normal storage for the engines. Well I hope so…..

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Meanwhile, back at the ranch....

I have always suspected that Gunnar have dreamt of becoming a cowboy….First he got himself a Harley Davidson 750. Suddenly he played Dolly Parton in the car all the time ….and he talks about getting a Ford Mustang. But the long horn scull at his house wall…..? Howdy partner….

Anyway, I had a peak in his garage to see if there was any progress on the important stuff in life…

And what is this? The garage alter? I can imagine midnight masses in the name of Lucas the Prince of Darkness … the sight of a nude Gunnar at midnight with a death chicken can scare light in any bulb….

It was good to see that the imperial sizes on the tap and dices was in majority.

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

DKW E206 1928

Reidar just showed up at the weekly club meeting with his “new” DKW.

This little bike has spent its life in a motorcycle dealer’s showroom in Sweden from 1950 until Reidar bought it last year and took it to Norway.

Simple 2 speed gearbox, with the crankshaft serving as the transmission shaft. Resulting in a lightweight, compact and inexpensive unit with fan cooling and flywheel magneto ignition.

In 1929 DKW was the world`s largest motorcycle manufacturer.

Reidar likes to ride far and fast on his bikes, but I don`t now with this one. Just see the bikes figures: 206cc, 4hp, 75 kg, 65 kph top speed.

Unusual design of the engine with the gearbox in the cumbusting chamber. It want`s 10% oil in the petrol.

By April of 1928 DKW had made 49.000 units of the E206 model.

Monday, 9 May 2011

New work shop assistant.........

I needed help to do some brushing up on a BSA wheel I just bought.

I won’t hire anybody without a clevich…..no sir.

Auto jumble, Oslo

A quick trip to the Ekeberg auto jumble in Oslo on Friday. It was a good marked, found parts I needed for a change…

This Swedish made “Shopper” moped car did not come home with me.

The plumber’s where out and shopping…..Anybody got a coin?

A Norton N15CS…..Owned by old color blind lady….