Monday, 2 May 2011

Teddy run 2011.

Saturday was a warm and sunny day, perfect for a long ride. We fired up the bikes and rode in to Oslo and Teddy’s soft bar, the start for the yearly Teddy run. Teddy`s are located in a pedestrian zone so the shoppers are not used to motorcycles on their turf…

Mr. Elvis lives here…..

Starting to fill up.

Teddy`s soft bar was established in 1958 and have more or less kept the original interior.

Not often to see a road legal Seeley. Morten arrives with his fine Seeley Norton.
I know two Seeley owners and they both have mustache. Coincidence? I don`t think so. There must be a conspiracy between Pringles and Seeley owners.

This nice BSA and Teddy`s soft bar are nearly the same age.

Well, I have heard that size matters…..Kjetil, get yourself a Gold Wing.

Oil tank capacity has to suffer for air flow. But you save a lot of money at each oil change!

This is a well-used Triumph Thunderbird Sport

One of my favorite bikes, Ducati 750 Sport “Round case” from 1972.

Royal Enfield Girls always have a big smile.

This is Teddy`s commander in chief with a well-used HD combination.

I was not at the party afterwards, but I have been told that there was tail shaking and beer drinking until the small hours.

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