Sunday, 1 May 2011

Bad company?

This weekend i went in to Oslo to do the "Teddy run" on my Norton 16H. Stayed at my friend Kjetil`s place and got treated with nice wine and barbercue......But the after dinner drinks where quite special.......They where to symbolize the bike brands we where going to ride in the morning: Triumph and Norton.

"Tomsing vann" (loonie water, word play on the TOMCC club name) and El Che grappa. Both wery special:

The bootle of "Tomsing vann" is the price Kjetil won at the Britannia rally 2001. Best modified bike and best cafe racer (Featherbed, Commando engine).

"El Che" a gift from me, carried on my back for miles....Kjetil have stored it for years....Che Guevara was a Norton man.

This drink took 3 years of my life expectancy!

Che himself fiddling with his Norton.

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