Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Marc`s Thomann

When I was waiting for the “Teddy run” to start, I heard the familiar sound of a sporty single. I could not identify the bike at first glance. To my surplice it was French made Thomann from 1929, 350cc.

And what a fine bike it was. The Thomann is a great looking bike with a lot of crafty details.


Marc Boniface, Frenchman living in Norway, have done a great job on this bike.

You can operate the clutch with hand and foot.

A ride with a vintage bike is not complete without “adjustments”.  Fine tuning of the Pilgrim type oil pump where carried out at the motorway. I had to secure my dynamo at the same place…..

Well….I had to include this picture….Marc accidentally put diesel on the bike….Drained the tank and made a nice pond at the petrol station. The petrol station staff was not impressed….

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