Sunday, 22 May 2011

Gardermoen raceway - Memorial 2011

The best way to memorize history is to try to create an event in the spirit of the happening. It`s more than sixty years since the last “proper” Gardemo race. But this Saturday memorial brought back some of the sound and smells from yesteryears.

The car line up.  

The bike line up. 

Jaguar XK-C, 1953.

Well boys…..Up skirt photographing are not legal….

The ice racing tire got me worried, I have not seen the weather forecast.

 Ferrari Testarossa 1959.

Me, on a BSA Gold star DB32, 1954 and Henry on Matchless G50, 1956.

Ford Hot Rod.

Bugatti T-57 Ventoux, 1937


Bentley 3/8L Special 1930.

First time driven since restoration, a box fresh Maserati 6CM from 1937.


American motorcycles said...

Så ut til at det var mye nytt og spennende som ikke var der i fjor.
Gøy å se bilder for en som sitter askefast i havet.


Beveldrive said...

Hei Sverre,

Se også bilder her: