Wednesday, 11 May 2011

DKW E206 1928

Reidar just showed up at the weekly club meeting with his “new” DKW.

This little bike has spent its life in a motorcycle dealer’s showroom in Sweden from 1950 until Reidar bought it last year and took it to Norway.

Simple 2 speed gearbox, with the crankshaft serving as the transmission shaft. Resulting in a lightweight, compact and inexpensive unit with fan cooling and flywheel magneto ignition.

In 1929 DKW was the world`s largest motorcycle manufacturer.

Reidar likes to ride far and fast on his bikes, but I don`t now with this one. Just see the bikes figures: 206cc, 4hp, 75 kg, 65 kph top speed.

Unusual design of the engine with the gearbox in the cumbusting chamber. It want`s 10% oil in the petrol.

By April of 1928 DKW had made 49.000 units of the E206 model.

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