Monday, 27 June 2011

A Housewife’s Work is never done…..

This weekend there is a vintage rally called “Skogsløpet”, held up in the mountains of Norway. So I got the brilliant idea to try to get my wife to come along…..

She has a motorcycle driving license but she is not too keen on my old bikes…..
A riding lesson was needed…..

It is not that difficult….Gear is first up, be firm. Brake on left side. Tickle the carb, ignition on retard, hard kick……Off you go…..
I might be going alone?

Saturday, 18 June 2011

Fishing with the right bait……

Early morning, I have been convinced by my friends that it is a good idea to come along to a local small auto jumble…….Well, I am always ready for a jumble…

After a wile I saw this big V-twin engine……Iver Johnsen, rare as hen's teeth…

I thought I had struck gold until I recognized the smiling face of the vendor. He is a friend of mine and had brought the engine to use as bait for likeminded people.

He is desperately seeking parts for Iver Johnson, so all ways will be used to find bits. If you have anything for Iver Johnson, send me a mail, , and I will get you in contact with a dedicated restorer.

So why this fascination for Iver Johnson? To make a long story short: Iver was a Norwegian gunsmith who immigrated to USA in 1863. He’s skills was much needed during the civil war and he ended up with a company called Iver Johnson`s Arms & Cycle Works. Iver Johnson died in 1895, but he’s sons continued the firm. They produced motorcycles from 1907 to 1915. So it would be cool to see a motorcycle with so much Norwegian history again on Norwegian roads…

Friday, 17 June 2011

Skagen løpet...again!

I have heard of Givi luggage systems…..I have also heard of bag in box wine, mobile phones and GPS…..Probably overrated.

Slightly modified Husqvarna/JAP, nice!

Check out this video from Skagenløpet:

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Skagenløpet 2011, # 3.

The reason why it’s always windy in Denmark……... They have electric fans all over to cool things down.
 It is warm and sunny, so Hans Torvald has a broad smile aboard the nice 1934 Ariel 550 cc  side valve.

Some people have more guts than others. This young man (20) did the rally on a 100 year old Wanderer…..

My" team mates" bikes: Mogens Indian Scout 1923 and Hans Torvalds Ariel 1934.

Clogs keep your feet cool in the summertime…..

I think I can find room for a BSA V- twin…..

Can you guess the name of the owner of this 1917 Henderson?

Harley Davidson single from 1916.

Indian Scout, 1923.

We were allowed to park the bikes in Brøndbys football stadium. I could nearly not resist doing some broad sides on the lawn…….

Monday, 13 June 2011

Skagenløpet 2011, # 2.

Most of the Norwegian rider’s meets up at a road side stop before arriving Skagen.

Ariel Square four from 1931, the first year of the “Squariel”.

Terjes Sunbeam model “9” from 1930.

Have you ever seen an Indian Motoplane? The model was made in 1933 only. Kjell have a worried face trying to figure out carburation problems.

Smile back in his face…….No, that`s not a donut. Modern fuel started to dissolve the lacquer on the carb float, filling the carburetor up with gunk….

San Sou Pap from 1927.

BSA V twin, 1931, with a life boat.

Henderson four, 1922

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Skagenløpet 2011, # 1

I am just back from Denmark and “Skagenløpet”. Here are some photos from a weekend in glorious weather with fantastic people and bikes. I will post more photos later.

My ride firmly secured in the ferry to Denmark.

Danish goat milk…..a key factor in Danish diets.

When you get old, you can still ride. Just try to find a bike with a cane holder.

The bike park at the guest house in Skagen. I think I am in good company!

This is the garage wall at the guest house. I had a good nights sleep….