Monday, 13 June 2011

Skagenløpet 2011, # 2.

Most of the Norwegian rider’s meets up at a road side stop before arriving Skagen.

Ariel Square four from 1931, the first year of the “Squariel”.

Terjes Sunbeam model “9” from 1930.

Have you ever seen an Indian Motoplane? The model was made in 1933 only. Kjell have a worried face trying to figure out carburation problems.

Smile back in his face…….No, that`s not a donut. Modern fuel started to dissolve the lacquer on the carb float, filling the carburetor up with gunk….

San Sou Pap from 1927.

BSA V twin, 1931, with a life boat.

Henderson four, 1922

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Anonymous said...

Seems terrific - nice Norwegian line up! Do we see you all at Skåne Rundt in Sweden in August?

Best regards Johan U