Wednesday, 21 May 2008

vintage enduro

There are only two days before we are going to Tångarallyt in Sweden. The two bikes are ready to go. Both are ca 1954 models. The Tribsa are nearly new build, so it needed only new numbers and a wash. The Ariel needed some gearbox "adjustment" and some new mudguard steadies made. Its been used for enduros for ten years now, so some spanner work are expected.

Mr. Bond i presume......

Wednesday, 14 May 2008


Her you see my magnesium cambox undergoing surgery at a specialist. It`s nice to know people that have the skill (and time!) to take on a job like this.

The upper bevel gets some attention:

The bearing in the cam box cover was turning in the housing. A jig was made to get it strait:
Machining the housing:

Friday, 9 May 2008

Thursday, 8 May 2008

Motorcycle sport museum

Lots of interesting bikes from when Norway had speedway and long track stars.

Museum trip

Went for a museum trip with the local vintage motorcycle club. Quite some variety of bikes and cars came along. Some of my favorites.

Wednesday, 7 May 2008


Velocette update. The Gearbox are in place. The reassemble take some time. I did not take it apart, so it`s a try and fail process. There a lot of bits n`bobs missing and some have had a lot of contact with a hammer.

The fotpegs and a few other parts have been damaged. The bike was stolen once, some boys used it in the woods. Still you have to be quite blind to send crocked parts to the painter!

The engine is nearly done. It have obviously seen many miles. Se the state of the sprocket and carb. Nearly everything was worn out, i have replaced the cams, cam followers, cylinder, cylinder head, carb and bearings. It`s back to std piston now. I might try it in the frame soon, but some bits are still missing.

This bike was first used by the police in Philadelphia, US. I think the local police here will say it`s OK to go 10 mph faster than the speed limit on an ex police bike.
I might put bacon slicers on it.....

Tuesday, 6 May 2008


I have put some more parts on the Norton. The frame is not an Inter, so there will be some cutting and welding to get everything right. The rear wheel are International and the front wheel are post war Manx item. New rims an spokes, 21" front and 19" rear. The engine are ready up to the cam box. (There are a spare one fitted on the photos) I will post some cam box updates later.
The gearbox have got new bearings and bushings. I will fit a cover without kick starter boss.

Monday, 5 May 2008

Vintage enduro

Saturday 24. of May, Tångarallyt will be going one. That's a vintage enduro in Sweden. I will be there with this Tribsa. Been spending some evenings this week to sort it out. Had some gearbox problems, nearly lost the front wheel.......Normal braking in stuff. I have built it from spares i have collected over many years. Some spares i have "stolen" at my brothers shed, don`t think he will miss that Goldie frame and scrambler gear box......This is what i have used: Engine: 5T crank cases, 6T crank and rods, T100 cylinder and head, "tuned" concentric carb, Lucas comp magneto, total loss charging system (never fails). Cycle parts: Goldie frame, oil tank and rear wheel. Norton forks in BSA "triples". Rickman front wheel. Triumph rear mudguard with Goldie scrambler fixings. Some front mudguard in Sammy Miller fixings


Been working on this 1947 MSS for a while. I was only going to overhaul the engine for a friend. After a while he got kicked out by his wife. Long story short, i had to "rescue" him, and bought the bike. I had always believed it was the other way around: wife out, bike in....whats the world coming to?
Some "work" was done on the bike, a "genius" had had the hole bike sand blasted without taking it apart. Lots of damage don to engine castings, carb, magneto and chrome parts. It will never be a
concurs bike,but nice and usable. Will keep you posted.