Monday, 5 May 2008

Vintage enduro

Saturday 24. of May, Tångarallyt will be going one. That's a vintage enduro in Sweden. I will be there with this Tribsa. Been spending some evenings this week to sort it out. Had some gearbox problems, nearly lost the front wheel.......Normal braking in stuff. I have built it from spares i have collected over many years. Some spares i have "stolen" at my brothers shed, don`t think he will miss that Goldie frame and scrambler gear box......This is what i have used: Engine: 5T crank cases, 6T crank and rods, T100 cylinder and head, "tuned" concentric carb, Lucas comp magneto, total loss charging system (never fails). Cycle parts: Goldie frame, oil tank and rear wheel. Norton forks in BSA "triples". Rickman front wheel. Triumph rear mudguard with Goldie scrambler fixings. Some front mudguard in Sammy Miller fixings

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