Wednesday, 7 May 2008


Velocette update. The Gearbox are in place. The reassemble take some time. I did not take it apart, so it`s a try and fail process. There a lot of bits n`bobs missing and some have had a lot of contact with a hammer.

The fotpegs and a few other parts have been damaged. The bike was stolen once, some boys used it in the woods. Still you have to be quite blind to send crocked parts to the painter!

The engine is nearly done. It have obviously seen many miles. Se the state of the sprocket and carb. Nearly everything was worn out, i have replaced the cams, cam followers, cylinder, cylinder head, carb and bearings. It`s back to std piston now. I might try it in the frame soon, but some bits are still missing.

This bike was first used by the police in Philadelphia, US. I think the local police here will say it`s OK to go 10 mph faster than the speed limit on an ex police bike.
I might put bacon slicers on it.....

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