Tuesday, 28 September 2010

A Triumph with a commitment!

My local biker club had 25 years anniversary last weekend.  So I decided to get my butt of the sofa and have a look…..Barbecue, good music and lots of people…….But some of us have other urges so I soon found my favorite place……the workshop.

In a corner behind Evo`s and Shovel`s Cato`s Triumph are lurking.

An original Triumph Pre Unit frame, stock wheels and oil tank. A standard fork with MCM covers. Thunderbird engine with 9 bolt Trophy head.
The Wittler moped tank and Bates type seats makes it look slim and fast.

So what about the commitment? Well, Cato has (probably in the moment when Tequila starts to taste nice) promised his fellow club members that the Triumph shall be ready before Christmas…..
I don`t know if he was foolish enough to specify witch year of Christmas he meant…..

Monday, 27 September 2010


I have been working quite a lot on the Ok Supreme. My first plan with the engine was to overhaul the magneto and check the cylinder and head. I wanted to leave the bottom halve alone.
But it is not supposed to be easy, so when I saw the state of the cylinder and head I knew that the crank cases had to be opened…..

The engine has not the usual main bearing set up of ball and rollers. There are long rollers straight on the shafts.  So when you have worn shafts……you have trouble…..

The shafts has too much damage for grinding and “spray” welding don`t work well with rollers. New shafts are the only solution. 
The JAP speedway engines have the same set up but not the same size…..So where can I find new shafts? A Swedish friend pointed me in the right direction…..There was a place that could help…..After a phone call we agreed that I took the crank apart and sent the shafts and bearing rings to get the everything to the right sizes.

Need some pressure to keep the crankshaft in place when unscrewing the big end nuts.

Time for wood and mallet.....Hit me baby, one more time.....


There were more problems…….The rollers of the big end bearing had “eaten” a 3mm groove in both sides of the crank weights…..Another phone call and everything are on their way to Sweden.

Need a good washing.......

Thursday, 23 September 2010

.....and now a word from my sponsors.......

I am going to Kala raceway "End of summer 2010". That is an event with the spirit from American racing in the 50`s. You have (to try) to go fast and have the look......well it`s just for fun....

Sometime ago I had big plans to show up with a "new" bike. But I don`t have the time to change cams, handlebars, tires etc. So I will use my trusty Tribsa once more....But I will sharpen up my appearance (about time some of you are thinking...)

I got these cool leathers for FREE from my chubby friend Gunnar. Maybe because he can`t get in them anymore....? Anyway he has volunteered to come along as an umbrella girl/boy!

I have seen old photos of flat trackers with the BSA logo painted on their leather, so that`s the way to go...

My wife can more than cooking my dinner....she is also good with a paint brush....

And the result?.....smashing!

Got some inspiration from the new book: "Or Glory", not about flat track but the present English rocker scene.......I need some serious side burns....

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Noverberløpet 2010

If You want to go vintage enduro 23. October, You have two days left to sign up!

Two for the price of one...

Sold some, bought some.

We had a large stall this year.

They sure look like they are telling lies.....

This was a serious autojumblers van! Custom made shelf's for the engines.

Thursday, 16 September 2010

Chariot of twins.

A friend showed up with this "better safe than sorry"combination. I don`t know if he is planning a long trip, but a double weight MZ 250 will not be the fastest ride on the motorways.

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Husqvarna step by step....

The sharp eyed have probably spotted a pile of Husqvarna parts and frames in my previous post about the auto jumble. I have also found this special Swedish Husqvarna manual. That`s why the bikes get so nice.....

Monday, 13 September 2010

One man`s trash......

Next weekend there is a large auto jumble in Oslo. So I am spending my days to sort out stuff I don`t need..

A friend will pick up the trailer later this week......see you there for a GREAT bargain!

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Favorite things..

Went on a motorcycle trip with my work buddies last weekend. I had planed two extra stops to do, without telling my friends.....I had to complete a triple deal involving two TT carbs and one Fairbanks Morse magneto.

Neither the magneto or the beer was for me......sad. The magneto traveled with me for 3 days covering 1600 kilometer.

Friday, 3 September 2010

Art is my weapon.

Old icon meets a new icon....Harley Davidson tanks made for war meets a political, peace loving artist with an attitude. New eyes on old iron, angels without boundaries.....what will happen when you ask Nobody to sample a  pair of WD Harley tanks?

Beautiful surveillance

Thursday, 2 September 2010

The kitchen is the new garage.

A few weeks ago I read in a paper that the kitchen was the new garage.......Obviously written by some sissy journalist for sissy people.
I did not think much about it until i saw these pictures on the www: Yes, now I get it: