Tuesday, 28 September 2010

A Triumph with a commitment!

My local biker club had 25 years anniversary last weekend.  So I decided to get my butt of the sofa and have a look…..Barbecue, good music and lots of people…….But some of us have other urges so I soon found my favorite place……the workshop.

In a corner behind Evo`s and Shovel`s Cato`s Triumph are lurking.

An original Triumph Pre Unit frame, stock wheels and oil tank. A standard fork with MCM covers. Thunderbird engine with 9 bolt Trophy head.
The Wittler moped tank and Bates type seats makes it look slim and fast.

So what about the commitment? Well, Cato has (probably in the moment when Tequila starts to taste nice) promised his fellow club members that the Triumph shall be ready before Christmas…..
I don`t know if he was foolish enough to specify witch year of Christmas he meant…..

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Mechanicforlife said...

Oh yeah..I know this lazy lier.He had the bike for like twentysome years, and now he is suddenly goin to finish it?? No way,I bet he has spent more money on couches and sofaes than on parts...