Sunday, 3 October 2010

End of summer race 2010.

Back at Kala for the last dirt track race this year. We where only four bikes this time, but we had a lot of fun!

 Early morning.

 Ronald thundering past my Tribsa.......I don`t like the taste of gravel.....Next time i will have revenge.

Smile!!!You won,,,,,

Olav have put his race face on......Is it badger fur on that jacket?

Blue comb and rolling tobacco......Only found on experienced racers!

This is very serious. Olav and Gumball managed to get an extra race to settle  the " mine is faster than yours" dispute.....Smoking in the pit lane, just like Barry Sheen did.

I think Olav have to visit the Harley dealer on Monday......"high lift cams and a pair of WR cylinders, please...."

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American motorcycles said...

Hei, det var tøffe bilder. Ser ut som dere hadde det OK. Var ikke fullt så festligt for meg, telttur i de indre bygder m. nedbørs rekord og stiv kuling. leirbål var utelukket såfremt ikke det hadde vært konstant tilførsel av bensin el.