Friday, 31 August 2012

Skåne rundt 2012. # 1

Again we enjoyed a super “Skåne rundt” rally. This year it was the hundred anniversary for the rally’s origin as a race in 1912.
We met some old friends and got some new. A big thanks to Johan U and the “flying Dutchman” for inviting all the Norwegians to beer tasting and snacks.
Look out for more “Skåne posts” in a few days.

Fuel for man and machine….

Yes! I do have revers on my Indian red Harley Davidson. I bet Bent can get away with it…..After all he is a pensioner and need to take it easy….

A New Hudson, 7a, 1914 came all the way from Germany.


First post was in Saxtorp, known for TT racing and motocross.


An ex Swedish army Husqvarna combination.


Hans Torvald enjoys fiddling with a hot pipe…

Conny`s super fresh Husqvarna 50TV from 1929:


Another variation of Husqvarna: Sturmey Archer engine.

Monday, 27 August 2012

As rare as hen's teeth..........

That is an expression I have heard many times asking for parts for old motorcycles……I don`t know much about poultry but I know a thing or two about Velocettes.  The Velo is not that rare but it is the first time I have seen a set of hen`s teeth……

 I spotted this Velocette Venom in Åhus, Sweden, when we rode the “Skåne rundt” rally.

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Missing teeth……

I have got the OK Supreme out of my workshop and now it`s back to do some serious wrenching. I have been meaning to finish this 1937 Norton CS1 for years…….Anyway I had to assemble the bike to try to remember  what I had done or what parts I am missing……..

The only important thing that I am missing is this damaged bevel, so I need a good one. So if you have one spare or now of a new one for sale, send me a mail. I don`t think anybody is making them just now. Anyway it`s the bevel that goes out from the engine timing.

Monday, 13 August 2012

Unrestored DKW

Local bike enthusiast Svein showed up with this 1936 DKW 250 at a club event. He has wisely kept it unrestored, only brought back to life with some necessary new parts.

Memories from trips decades ago, was it a camping holiday?

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

First ride on the Ok Supreme.

This moment is long overdue. The firs ride on the OK Supreme.
When we first got the Ok I thought that it would be on the road in a few months……But positive thinking is not always enough. The bike looked much better than it was…..
Well, we wanted a usable machine with most of the unrestored look it had got over the years. It had not been on the road since 1973, so damp storage had also made some damage. Some welding/painting/new parts where needed.They will blend in after some use. But that is also a part of the bikes history now.

I look very worried before the first test ride…..Are the brake wire soldered good enough?

Looks like I have a stalker in leather pants behind my back……Scary!

I had no time to wait for the registration plates to arrive….pizza boxes are very useful.

Do you know what make the steering damper wheel was made for?

And how did the test ride go? Well, this is real life, not a TV build off where everything is good on first ride…..The exhaust got valve stuck after a few miles….