Tuesday, 7 August 2012

First ride on the Ok Supreme.

This moment is long overdue. The firs ride on the OK Supreme.
When we first got the Ok I thought that it would be on the road in a few months……But positive thinking is not always enough. The bike looked much better than it was…..
Well, we wanted a usable machine with most of the unrestored look it had got over the years. It had not been on the road since 1973, so damp storage had also made some damage. Some welding/painting/new parts where needed.They will blend in after some use. But that is also a part of the bikes history now.

I look very worried before the first test ride…..Are the brake wire soldered good enough?

Looks like I have a stalker in leather pants behind my back……Scary!

I had no time to wait for the registration plates to arrive….pizza boxes are very useful.

Do you know what make the steering damper wheel was made for?

And how did the test ride go? Well, this is real life, not a TV build off where everything is good on first ride…..The exhaust got valve stuck after a few miles….


twist grip said...

A superb motorcycle. Among the small british brand , my choice would go to a New Imperial!

twist grip said...
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Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your first ride! You've done some great work on the machine, now you can enjoy it.