Saturday, 29 May 2010

Garage visit.

Inspection in friends garages are always pleasant. Have a look at these interesting bikes:

Ardie, Ariel, Honda and Vincent. Placed in alphabetic order! Coincidence? I don`t think so.....

He had a lot of four valve Rudge heads. I thought thees things where hard to find. He have probably found the mother load....

Big Smiths instruments on the Vincent. Why? I personally think it has something to do with age and eye sight on the average Vincent owner. Gray hair and thick glasses.

Always when I see a Vincent i hear the Richard Thompson song "1952 Vincent Black Lightning" in my head:

"Says James, in my opinion, there`s nothing in this world,
beats a 52 Vincent and a red headed girl
Now Norton's and Indians and Greevses won`t do
They don`t have a soul like a Vincent 52"

Well, I already have the red headed girl......

Ariel are never wrong.

This is interesting! Ardie with Rudge four valve engine. Only a few of these machines where made. Looking forward to see the progress.

JAP engines, you can`t get nought of them. A man without a project are a man without a future....

NSU in unrestored condition. I can see that it have marked it`s territory.

Thursday, 27 May 2010

Sparks will be flying.....

I have always suspected Swedes to have a close relation with the dark forces. So when i found a Lucas parts book in Swedish my suspicions turned out to be right.

But the part book is very helpful when I work on magnetos and dynamo's. I have just finished the magneto for the Ok Supreme. The armature has been in England (Dave Lindsley) for a new rewind and a condenser. New bearings and points and it`s ready to go. A fat spark was the reward!

Lunch box

This is a lunch box for motorcyclist. Suitable for all ages....

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Retard.......ignition Ariel

"Want to go for a ride ?" . My brother asked me...."It`s warm and sunny so lets go"...."You have to help me with the advance/retard cable first....". Well, two hours later we where able to ride of.....Had to dismantle half of the magneto to find the loose cable end and solder it back on.

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Gardermoen memorial 19.05.2010

What a day! Warm and sunny. Lots of bikes and cars turned up. Amazing, it was a Wednesday after all, i bet a lot of people had told work they where ill.

I am blending my BSA inn with the Matchless G50`s.

I bet these velocity stacks are 3rd price.

This is the old and the new owner of a Triumph GP. New owner: "Is it supposed to smoke like this? " There are no warranty for racing bikes......

This is a AJS Boy racer. Boys come in all shapes and ages.....


The owner of this `57 Norton Inter lives by the slogan: Chrome won`t get you home....

Friday, 14 May 2010

Gardermoen memorial 2010.

This Wednesday (!!!), 19.05, there will be a 60 year memorial for "Gardermoracet". The race was held in 1947, 1948 and 1950.
More than 30 old and classic motorcycles will be participating. There will also be displayed some racing/sports cars.
The venue will be at the military part of Gardermoen air port (E6, junction 52, sign for TT)

I will be there with my BSA Gold Star, 350. Photo from Sviestad classic racing, some years ago.

When does it start?:

17.30 Be there! Bring something to barbecue.

Saturday, 8 May 2010

Summer of `59.

My friend Reidar on a DKW in 1959. He still rides bikes. Don`t know if he still has a patch on his knee...

Saturday, 1 May 2010

Auto jumble at the hot rod garage.

Had to get up early this morning. We where going to a auto jumble. Mostly car parts, but you never know.....I found a rear light!! The jumble are held at the nearest place to hot rod heaven in my part of the world. Browse thru the pictures and enjoy!

Fords for daddyo.

            A bass guitar and a helmet.....Let`s start a band.

A flat head engine, reved my Ipod any day!

Royal Enfield from 1961....Anyone??

Iiiiiiihaaaa cowboy!!!! Let`s ring in the country and western records.

This is a car boot sale!

Tire kickers and talkers?

28 psi in the rear please..

I bet this beauty has never served unleaded.

There are garages, and there are dream garages.

                   Early Space Shuttle equipment?

A polished..... polisher....

Well well well........a Ducati.

Wonder?......witch one is fastest?

No Diet Coke served her!