Saturday, 1 May 2010

Auto jumble at the hot rod garage.

Had to get up early this morning. We where going to a auto jumble. Mostly car parts, but you never know.....I found a rear light!! The jumble are held at the nearest place to hot rod heaven in my part of the world. Browse thru the pictures and enjoy!

Fords for daddyo.

            A bass guitar and a helmet.....Let`s start a band.

A flat head engine, reved my Ipod any day!

Royal Enfield from 1961....Anyone??

Iiiiiiihaaaa cowboy!!!! Let`s ring in the country and western records.

This is a car boot sale!

Tire kickers and talkers?

28 psi in the rear please..

I bet this beauty has never served unleaded.

There are garages, and there are dream garages.

                   Early Space Shuttle equipment?

A polished..... polisher....

Well well well........a Ducati.

Wonder?......witch one is fastest?

No Diet Coke served her!

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