Saturday, 29 May 2010

Garage visit.

Inspection in friends garages are always pleasant. Have a look at these interesting bikes:

Ardie, Ariel, Honda and Vincent. Placed in alphabetic order! Coincidence? I don`t think so.....

He had a lot of four valve Rudge heads. I thought thees things where hard to find. He have probably found the mother load....

Big Smiths instruments on the Vincent. Why? I personally think it has something to do with age and eye sight on the average Vincent owner. Gray hair and thick glasses.

Always when I see a Vincent i hear the Richard Thompson song "1952 Vincent Black Lightning" in my head:

"Says James, in my opinion, there`s nothing in this world,
beats a 52 Vincent and a red headed girl
Now Norton's and Indians and Greevses won`t do
They don`t have a soul like a Vincent 52"

Well, I already have the red headed girl......

Ariel are never wrong.

This is interesting! Ardie with Rudge four valve engine. Only a few of these machines where made. Looking forward to see the progress.

JAP engines, you can`t get nought of them. A man without a project are a man without a future....

NSU in unrestored condition. I can see that it have marked it`s territory.

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American motorcycles said...

Gaasp do I want a pair of them four valve Rudge heads for; ehrm You know what!!!
Any chance?

Takk for sist, skal til Rakkestad gjengens treff til helga.