Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Oslo by Norton.

Last Saturday’s motorcycle trip cased me some problems. The Norton is not the fastest machine produced….The more modern and faster bikes disappeared and I missed the last post.
But the reason for bringing the underpowered Norton to Oslo was to take some photos and ride in the path of the bike that has the same registration number as mine.

When King Haakon returned home after the war there where two Norton 16H`s riding beside his car. The left one has “my” number……

Not in uniform, but happy to ride a bike good enough for a king.  The Norton are marking the territory with extra much SAE 50 today because of pure joy to be in Oslo.

Kjetil, my guide in the urban mess of one way streets and red lights are preparing the `52 Triumph Thunderbird.

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Lasse said...

Härligt och kul att du lagt ut de gamla bilderna med "din" Norton bredvid kungen!