Friday, 29 January 2016

Summer memories

Yes, I am still here…..I have been moving house and workshop. There was a lot of iron to shift and I have still a lot of bike bits to move….a workshop to complete.

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy so here you have some summer memories.

George came over from England.

Trying out Gunnar’s Velocette Thuruxton for size.

Skogsløpet….a Norwegian vintage rally.

 Visiting Knut`s well equipped workshop

Two masters discuss the finer details of a dolls head gearbox.

George`s report in “The Classic bike guide”

Goodwood revival with the boys.

Beer and Norton’s seem to find me wherever I go…

Some shall be pardoned and some punished.

If you are old and lonely get, yourself a Manx Norton and all the nice girls will line up…..A well-known fact…

You know you are in the company of nerds when the construction of a wooden workbench takes half an hour of investigation.

Lurking pickpockets and villains can be a problem when you are traveling.

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