Monday, 29 April 2013

The Vintage Revival at Montlhéry, France, 2013. # 3

I was presented with two bottles of wine from Laurent`s   ( ) home town.

When he comes to visit Norway, I will give him a bottle of spirit that you can run your JAP speedway bike on….

My brother Dag is posing behind an Excelsior racer…..trying hard to look like he has owned it since new…

“Shit…..I hope the rider comes back soon…..I really need to go to the toilet…..”

Do you know how many persons you can get into a low budget hotel room?……We are sampling Laurent’s wine with some cheese. I can assure you that it was very nice.

Royal Enfield made bikes “like a gun”. This bike was made like a aeroplane…….

This rear end virtually says: “keep your distance!”

The Parisian girls were quite a hand full. They would not take a no for a no. She tried to get her wicked ways with Gunnar. But I can assure Gunnar’s wife that it was only friendly nibbling on the ear….I think that’s quite acceptable when you are lonely and a long way from home….

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