Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Alexandra Palace motorcycle & custom show.

Just been in London at the Ally Pally motorcycle show. Will post some pics of the bikes and things i found interesting in the next days.

A jet dragster. Just the way I felt after a full English breakfast.
A Rudge Multi from the "teens", there was something for everybody.

MZ two stroke road racer. Probably not the first choice of mount for the average club racer.

The AJS & Matchless owners club had a large club stand with a lot of nice bikes.

Matchless war hero.

I think I have to get an AJS/Matchless, they cook, wash and keep you warm in bed.....

Johnny Cash tribute bike.....Black for the Man in black...

Must be her first riding lesion. Will probably take some learning before she gets her driving licence.

After watching "Heart beat" on telly, it was nice to see some proper English police.

There are no motorcycle show without exhaust systems on display.....

Well, the Gold Star used to be a BSA.....I bet the sweets are nice!

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