Sunday, 14 March 2010

Year of the Tiger 110.

Belive it ore not: it`s nearly spring. I have to focus and get this bike done.

I have overhauled the engine and gearbox. The valves are set and ignition timed......ready to roar in the back of my station wagon. The rest of the bike are at my brothers place.

Yes, this is today.......snow. That`s why I have the long face...

Engine and box in the frame. The bike we use for a paper holder is a `47 UL Harley Davidson.

Engine: 1954 Tiger 110, E3134 cams, Hunt magneto and some Webco goodies. Standard ratio gearbox. Frame T100C, with the rear set lugs.

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Lasse said...

Love to see other bikers workshop. Always get some good ideas and inspiration.
Your´s look great!
(I once tried to mail you when I wanted to publish one of your photos in swedish Norton OC:s magazine, but failed. Please send me an e-mail,