Monday, 21 June 2010

Fork off

This 1917 Harley Davidson have been like a family member for decades. My brother even kept it in his bedroom for some years......Maybe it was a cunning way to lure the girls in to his room?  "want to come upstairs to have a look at my bike ?"  
 It has always lived in our town and was in traffic until 1936, when the bike was dismantled and carried up on a loft. The Harley stayed there until the eighties. A friend of us had heard some rumors and bought it from the owners. The bike was marked by a hard life, so it took a few years of evenings and weekends to get it restored. When the HD was nearly finished, he wanted a bike that was usable. So a long story short: a swap was done and the bike ended up in my brothers bedroom.

Look at the rear tube of the front fork......bend...When the bike was put back together, he believed that the forks was supposed to be like this.

The forks are off and sent to a blacksmith to get straitened.

When you have a puncture, you usually have a flat at the down side......

The tires that came with the bike was softened in a chemical bath and reused. They have turned in to rock now. It will take the hole summer to get them off the rims.

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