Monday, 9 June 2008

Triumph Thunderbird Party

Some time ago i got an assignment to find a "cool" bike for my friend Kjetil`s 40 years birthday. Usually we just bring some wine ore booze to a birthday party, so this is gone create a lot of problems for everybody else. But when the girl friend wants to bye the man in the house a bike, you just have to do what she wants. Where do you find a girl friend like that? Usually they want you to sell the bike and get a nice family car. This is the bike i ended up with: Triumph 6T 1952 in nice working condition.
A Hunt magneto is king of cool!
This was a surprise party so we had to hide the bike on a trailer.
Ready to go!
Some of the boys got a ride with the trailer.He did not know what was happening. Was waiting for some friends to help him with the house,

I think a side car is next step!

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