Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Hedemora TT jubeleum 2008

It`s only a day until I am going to Sweden for the Hedemora TT jubilee. The first race was held her 75 years ago, and the last 50years ago.

The track are public road that are closed for the event (hopefully). This year nearly 100 classic racers will be there.II am going with my BSA Gold Star 350, ca 1954. The photo shows it as a cafe racer. I just have to remove the cafe, and voila: a period clubmans racer!Have to add some tuning and polish before it goes in the caravan.
The engine has twin sparks from a PAL magneto, GP carb, Pearson crank and a lot of "go faster goodies".

If the trailers rocking, don`t come knocking

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