Monday, 12 April 2010

A rare bird.

It`s the first warm and sunny Sunday of spring, that`s probably why I am inside carpentering a new roof in the living room. It`s all about timing........The good thing is that I can see and hear all the bikes passing my house. For the record: the roof is not my idea. Suddenly I hear the sound of a single. It stops at my house. I can sense a welcomed brake in the roofing.
 This is not a common bike. An Ardie from 1931. I think the model is called Silberpfeil. Made in Germany by Ardie Werk Nürnberg. English made JAP 500cc engine and Burman gerbox. Aluminum frame and a lot of chrome make the bike very shiny.This is a well restored and sorted bike.

I found out that Ardie also made a hot dog machine......That`s probably why Hans where heading to a snack bar. I think i know the order: "Eine grose bratwürst bitte".

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vincent said...

great bike, love Jap engines...