Wednesday, 5 October 2011

A nightly bobber.

It is getting cold and dark. I had to put on the heat in the workshop today.

Just when I was thinking that there were not many bikes out, I heard the sound of a single cylinder….

Terje was out testing he’s newly bobbed Ariel VB600 from 1947. He has just removed the front mudguard and put on a light repro back guard. No cutting….If you got worried.
Well, a wind screen and heated grips would be a more sensible modification this time of year…..
I will try to take some photos in day light so you can see what it is like…


Brady said...

Good luck getting enough juice out of that to run a set of heated grips. Yikes, is it 12 or 6 V?

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Anonymous said...

nice bike, i've also built a 47 vb bobber you can check it out on my facebook page jess mallia is my name. !!! chat soon