Thursday, 26 January 2012

Mercer, Packard’s and coffee.

The local vintage car club got an invitation to visit Wallentins Restaureringsverksted. This is a restoration workshop that has Packard as a specialty, and a place well worth a visit.  This time it was to see the progress on a MERCER seven seat car from 1918.

When you see a car from this age, in this stage, you can fully admire all the beautiful detailed parts that the car is made from.  

Mercer was made in America from 1909 until 1925. Mercer was known for their high-performance cars.

This is a “hotel car” from the vest of Norway, Geiranger.  The hotels at this spectacular place had big open American cars used to transport tourists around the area.  Some of the cars have survived and can still be seen at the hotels.


And there were a lot of other interesting things to see:

                                                 Yes, I want a Gold Star slot machine…..


twist grip said...

Hi Stig,

The quality of restoration of cars is impressive. Should convraincre the owner of the Mercer for him to come to Montlhéry in 2013!
What is the make of the van on the last picture?

Beveldrive said...

The van/panel truck on the last picture is a Chevrolet. Would be great for transporting old motorcycles……