Wednesday, 18 April 2012

JAP worm drive

The OK Supreme is nearly ready, there are only a few more things to do. I have been waiting for this part for a long time. The new crank parts where different from the original so a new worm drive had to be made.

First class mail from Sweden.

If the parts fit at first attempt there must be something wrong. I had to grind down the nut, too big for the oil pump housing.

Timing time.


Anonymous said...

Har ikke noe med dette å gjøre, men jeg følger med litt her, fant denne siden nå, kanskje du har sett den?

Ola Martin Øiom

Beveldrive said...

Hei, Det hender jeg er innom siden til Wheelsthroughtime. Men takk for tipset.
Hilsen Stig

Juuso Savolainen said...


I have 1935 dual port engine and would need also this oil pump worm nut. Could you tell where did you managed to get yours.

thanks, juuso