Friday, 18 January 2013

Garage winter meeting

This time of year there is not much happening for the vintage motorcyclists. Most are at home working on their projects and try to keep worm.

So when we got an invitation for a garage meeting with the boys with pizza, drinks and technical challenges. We were in for a great evening….

The “runners” where out in the cold garage for the occasion:

Some people have spotless garages; here you can have your dinner at the floor…

Ariel Red Hunter……We will soon have a look at the engine for this bike.

Ardie with Rudge engine and Burman gearbox.  This rear old racer is soon reborn.

I can spot one engine out of line…..

Ducati Cucciolo, 50 ccm of brute force….

Steady on with the drinks boys…..and yes, I do think the Suzuki  GS750 is faster than a BSA A-65….

We were put to work….The main topic of the evening was to dismantle and diagnose an Ariel Red Hunter engine.

The reason for a sore head…..and a worn head….

We all have different skills, some like to hit things.

This was how far we got. I think we have to be invited again!

No more Ariel engine work…….Let`s eat!

I  hope Hans Torvald remembered to recycle his thrash. It`s so easy to throw a Rudge engine in the paper bin…

We were asked to sit down at the toilet…..Why?

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