Friday, 3 December 2010

A day (and a night) at the races...Silverstone

This is a follow up on the previous post, “Beauty lays in the eyes of…..the Velocette byer”
After we had loaded the Velocette in the car, we went to watch some classic racing at Silverstone.

In a way worthy a diplomat, Gunnar managed to talk us in to the depot with the car. We had no passes or tickets….He are after all a salesman…..

Gunnar had promised to cover the expenses for the Velo expedition……So I had the back of the car. I had a sweet dream involving the Velocette head stock trade mark, the naughty lady. I will keep that dream to myself….
Yes, I had a few pints the night before……And, yes it was me who did a lap around the Silverstone race course on a Honda Dax after the depot pub closed…..

An apple a day keeps the doctor away….But ice cream might also do the trick….Dr. Cohen out and abut on his Norton.

Chris Vincent showing the ropes on the Vincent BSA outfit.

Gunnar and John Surtees posing for the camera…..Are they planning a prank?….I must complement Gunnar for his chic headwear….

This is the prank Gunnar and John Surtees did….A year later I was going to be married….On the same date as the Silverstone racing. So Gunnar got John Surtees to send me a letter:

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American motorcycles said...

You guys were way much cuter when young, ha ha.
Når var det det skjedde nede ved Grosglockner til våren. jeg har begynnt å se på fritiden for neste år, man kan bli sliten av mindre.