Thursday, 2 December 2010

Helmut Kasper`s Clutch.

Modified and used parts have a story of their own…..someone has done that extra for performance or looks…
A friend found a Norton twin engine and transmission at an auto jumble.  The side cover had “Helmut Kasper racing” engraved on it. At the time we thought that was quite funny, some guy putting his name and add racing to it……..
The engine and bits where sold, but I saw the clutch……Naturally I had to have it, so a Manx type Norton clutch went home to me…..

I am now putting the clutch on a bike (Yes, it will be an open primary drive). So I remembered the engraved side cover, googled Helmut Kasper racing and………He was not your average backyard bike hooligan:
From Austria and a good road racer:

Landesmeister Österreich 1971, 500cc Norton
Tulln-Langenlebarn 1967, Klasse über 500 cc: 5. Helmut Kasper

Why did I not get the rest of the bits….?

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