Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Barn find number two

Well….it was not in a barn.  The Velocette LE was in a garage…..It was advertised in the newspaper. Only a short add: “Velocette for sale” and just the telephone number. I phoned the seller in the evening. The conversation went something like this:
Me: “Hello, Do you still have the Velocette for sale?”  Seller: “Yes…….Do you know what a Velocette LE is?” Me: “It`s a 200cc water cooled flat twin with shaft drive” Seller: “Correct……You are the first one to know that……You can have it……For free”
He was working at the American embassy and the Velo was resting in the embassy cellar. They were cleaning up and the Velo had to go. He had it for a while in his garage, but lost interest.
An American embassy employee brought the bike over from England in the sixties. He used the bike for a Norwegian round trip and even visited North cap. He went on to another embassy and left the bike.
The LE had English registration, so that caused us some problems. Norwegian customs and the vehicle authorities can be difficult to deal with…..So the Velocette went to Sweden for a happy life…

                               Dag is looking skeptical….To close to a scooter for his taste….

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