Friday, 19 November 2010

Beauty lays in the eyes of…..the Velocette byer.

I was not going to put this story on my blog…..but I could not resist when I was going thru my photos. This is not done to make fun of Gunnar……Only to remind him that it is now 15 years this spring since he got a Velocette…..
Some years ago Gunnar got the urge for a Velocette.  He wanted a good bike, easy to Thruxtonize.
 In Norway Velocettes are not easy to find so English adverts were eagerly read. After some months he asked me to come along to England for help and advice….
The communication between Gunnar and the seller had been in Engliglish of curse, so some finer points of language misunderstanding had happened. What’s “oily rag condition”, “A few evenings of elbow grease”,” nearly a runner” and “easy project” really means?   It depend on the viewer….This was before digital photos and email. So the only way was to go and have a look for yourself….
Gunnar had a picture in his head for a nice, easy to Thruxtonize, Velocette 500…..
Have a good look at his face:

Trying to keep a brave face….

Do we see a smile?

Well, there are some new tank badges here…

“What do you think? Shall I buy it?"

Close inspection….

Is the engine number correct?

“I buy it……put it in the car”

Fifteen years later the Velo are still not ready. But I think it will be soon…..Now it have all the Thruxton goodies, including the engine.
On that trip we also went to Silverstone to see some classic racing…..But that`s another story….

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