Thursday, 4 November 2010

A too hot speedway engine,,,,,

I  don`t want to be accused for writing an interior blog….So here are some JAP engine photos.

My friend “Speedy Gonzales” Gunnar is deeply involved in his speedway project. He phoned me up and told me that that they had discovered that the cam in the JAP engine was too hot, probably some kind of “long track” cam ore special grind.
I told him that the whole point of a speedway engine is to get it hot. The whole idea of putting an methanol burning engine in to something looking like a lady`s bicycle frame……….Well , we are not talking “health and safety” here….
But I do have some cams. There are to my knowledge not produced any touring cams for speedway engines but in a box marked ”Cam for cubby middle age man, just a little bit fast” I found what he was looking for…….(I am joking…..He is not that cubby…)

The engine is overhauled by a very skilled mechanic….

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