Friday, 26 November 2010

Barn finds.

The most exiting ting about old motorcycles is the barn find. It does not necessary have to be a barn. Any place you find an old, unmolested bike is good.
I just red Tom Cotter`s excellent book, “the Vincent in the barn” and was thinking about some of my barn finds.

This is back in 1979…..I had heard about this Indian for a long time. After some months of detective work and door knocking I found the present owner. To my surprise he was glad that somebody wanted the bike.
 But there was a problem.  It was stored in a barn under a lot of building material….. The first time I asked to see the bike, it was impossible.  I had to come back a few weeks later.
But after a while we managed to get it home and down in the cellar….

It is a 1923 Chief, 1000 cc.

 The Indian was in good condition, but the engine was very worn.  I don`t know hove many miles, but it had been in traffic until 1965

It used to have nickel plated cylinders and heads.

This is one that got away…1925 Harley Davison.

It was resting in an old mechanical workshop. The owners was three brothers, two where dead and the last one were at an old people’s home…..And we were not allowed to go inside.  The photos are taken in the middle of the night. We had a very scary experience that night…..nearly made us believe in ghosts!

Some weeks later the bike was gone. I am not sure but I think somebody stole it…..I can remember the engine number, so I always have a look at the numbers on old Harleys
I will be posting some more barn finds later.

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