Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Just like yesterday.....

More photos form the early eighties.  When I go thru my old photos I notice that the bikes nearly stay the same, but people change.   Getting older, heavier and losing hair ... I regret that most of my photos are of bikes and not the people that rode them. But who cared about that at the time? Bikes, beer and girls had highest priority.
This is from a British bike rally at Homborsund in the south of Norway.

A youth full “Speedy Gonzales” Gunnar are going to adjust the carbs…Where have that manly mustache gone, Gunnar? Gunnars pride and joy:  BSA A-65 Lightning from 1971.

Campsite cuisine….Gunnar and Aril enjoying lunch.

As usual, if somebody are doing repair to their bike….Spectators will show up for entertainment loaded with good advice. Some things never change….

From left: Totto, Aril and Pascal. Ariel WD getting brakes adjusted.

BSA B44 and Rudge. The Rudge won a price for the best restored machine.

Haakons  1967 Velocette Venom Clubman.

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