Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Speedway practice....nearly 30 years ago....

Some more photos from my old albums….

In the early eighties a few of my friends and I got hold of some speedway bikes. Used, or more or less used up speedway bikes was going for little money. I paid for a running Staride/ Jap 500. - NKr (£ 50, $ 85.)

A friendly farmer let us have a field for practice. But complaints from neighbors and a campsite made him go back to growing potatoes.

The bikes were also used on a lake in the winter time.


This is Arild trying to broadside a two valve Jawa…..

Home in the cellar……spanners flying…..probably did more damage than repairs….
The Staride/Jap.

I still got this bike….If you notice the rear tire: Dunlop TT100, we were probably going to do burnouts in the street…..

None of us made it as proper speedway riders. But I bet we had more fun on the bikes compared to the PlayStation boys are using nowadays….


Mechanicforlife said...

Ny scanner?? Ser fram til og se mye rart..

Beveldrive said...

Trenger en scanner for dias.....Har du en?